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English Football Club is the place for real soccer lovers

Bar Room

At a long bar counter set up in an “L” shape, guests sit on high comfortable chairs, gazing at a large HD TV showing just another exciting match. Behind them, massive glass-framed soccer murals line the walls, and a well-stocked bar is at their disposal in front of them. From it spills out in streams “probably the best beer in the world” – Carlsberg and the exceptional, universally acclaimed Polish lager Okocim. In addition, there is a discreet fan’s corner for pre-match and post-match discussions, where more than one bottle of frozen vodka has already “cracked”.

Green Room

Capable of accommodating nearly fifty fans, the green room is instantly captivating in its functionality. Large size two HD TVs, modern sound system, adjustable light intensity, framed in anti-frames original jerseys of English clubs, floor embossed with the coat of arms of England, three tables of four and three lodges of ten with beer taps attached to the tables make a great impression on visitors to the room.
Soccer fans appreciate it very much, after all, they can prop up a thirty-liter keg of beer and, without having to go to the bar and wait their turn, watch a tense match in peace and quiet, not hiding their emotions.

Red Room

The part of the premises most occupied by soccer-thirsty guests, there is an HD TV and a huge screen where matches are played from a projector. Up to sixty fans can sit at high hack tables and along the walls on poufs, surrounded by English football shirts hung on the walls in large anti-frames. The whole is complemented by excellent sound quality and a decorative element in the form of the English coat of arms on the floor surface. Cold beer tastes best here, as it is drunk in the cauldron of soccer passions and emotions.


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